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Industrial cloud computing.
Virtual Reliable Event-distribution Mechanism.
Implements an event driven virtual machine.
Integration of inhomogeneous components like PLC(s) and PC(s), data servers, QCS / DCS..
Makes objects of any component available to any other.
Allows redundant seamless communication.
Allow user's API to inherit the power of existing Vrem Power.

VremSoft utilizes platform independent parallel cloud processing, to allow users to distribute workload, utilizing the maximum power of each platform, and the ability to inherit these capabilities into their own platform. It is a product that is based on a dynamic modifiable library that any users can link to, or can be used with our products. We provide a litany of plug ins that are specialized to industrial needs, which can be used from within your product., Addionally, these plug ins can live on any platform, bound together into one common library so each plug in appears as one library to the user. Users can take advantage of our platform plug ins, combine them in any order, on any platform, and link them to their applications.


Example: A Linux Platform, attaches to 2 PLC Networks, a Siemens S7 PLC network, and an Allen Bradley PLC network using Modbus. VremSofware is configured on the Linux system, this is we call a Vrem Cloud, to interface with both PLC networks; using standard plug ins. On a Windows platform, a Vrem Cloud is configured to bind to the remote Linux Cloud Instance, and also locally to our OPC Server plug in. Now users can choose to link directly to the local cloud instance on the windows system and their platform will include and OPC server(Locally), and 2 PLC links remotely S7 and Modbus. What does this mean, it mean all the data and events occurring from the 3 plug ins become virtual to your application. Or, users can choose to simply use the OPC server to access data and events locally and remotely without the users application.

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