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Industrial cloud computing.
Virtual Reliable Event-distribution Mechanism.
Implements an event driven virtual machine.
Integration of inhomogeneous components like PLC(s) and PC(s), data servers, QCS / DCS..
Makes objects of any component available to any other.
Allows redundant seamless communication.
Allow user's API to inherit the power of existing Vrem Power.


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Can I focus on my applications, without the worries of various foreign methods of communication?
Vremsoft does the groundwork, providing all standard plug-ins, eliminating the pain of foreign device integration.
Can I simplify communication between different platforms / OS's; and make platform to platform communication transparent?
Vremsoft provides one standardized system wide way of communication, on the local network, or via the Internet.
Can I just write code once; then will it work under multiple different platforms?
We are using a standard and platform independent development environment.
Can I increase system performance and reliability without redesigning everything?
We implement a virtual cloud where application can run anywhere, distributing time intense applications to powerful locations, with load sharing and redundancy.
How can I reduce development time and cost for interfacing to various systems?
We provide one common interface standard to all components connected.
Are any communication throughput issues expected?
We provide an efficient event based transfer, peer-to-peer communication only, no central servers.

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